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My Port of Call - My service with the Port Authority began in March 1959 (coming ashore as a marine engineer), and my choice to “come aboard” the PA was one of, if not the keenest, decisions of my life. Without question, my service with the PA proved to be thoroughly stimulating, enriching and most rewarding. Few organizations would have availed me the splendid opportunity to work with and befriend a most professional, competent, and upright “crew,” dedicated to serving arguably the most dynamic and critical key city/seaport in the world.

The benefits in serving with the PA proved to be meaningful, life-long blessings. No question, the richest blessing for me was working with and marrying the Port’s first female Management Trainee: Bonnie Lou Keyser (54+ years now) Management Trainee – Class of 1965 -- the first Equal Opportunity Coordinator directly with Dan Kurshan.

I had the good fortune to serve in key “main office” departments as well as at principal, dynamic facilities. Starting with Ops Services on maintenance study teams at NYIA - now JFK, and the LT. Thence to the GWB, assisting Manager Ernie Black throughout the final stage of the lower level construction – completing my T & B ( now TB & T) stint with GM Art Tate during implementation of civilian toll collectors and creation of the LT exclusive bus lane; on mobility briefly with Comptroller Merle Wahlberg – thence to Real Estate with Bill Schwarz; finishing a most stimulating and rewarding career at EWR with Vince Bonaventura and Greg Scheuermann, dealing and negotiating with major corporations: SAS. FedEx, Hertz, Avis, etc. -- providing excellent challenges and opportunities to directly deal with top outside firms.

Along “the way” during my PA career, I enjoyed and was enriched by several exceptional opportunities and experiences: a member of the PA Speaker’s Bureau; assisted Personnel in visiting outstanding universities/colleges to screen prospective Management Trainees; trips to key cities (LA, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Chicago +) to evaluate specific airport practices and related functions/activities; member of the Downtowners in PA Softball League winning 1965 League title; winter ski weekend trips with fellow staffers; marching in NYC St. Patrick’s Day parades with PA contingent, and more.

Retiring July 1994 from EWR, my retirement has been graced with the continuing connection/association with many of my fellow retirees. A most unique and special quality about PA retirees is the continuing camaraderie of fellow retirees manifested by the luncheons and other “get-togethers” that convene on a regular basis. I had the privilege of serving as a PARA Director – a most stimulating opportunity to join a dedicated, accomplished body of retirees who conscientiously strive to protect the welfare of all PA /PATH retirees while maintaining open/active contact.

Suffice it to say, I could not have had a more fulfilling “Home Port´ in which to devote the very best years of my life.



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