Paul Volz



My family physician, Dr. Kooperstein, suggested I apply for work at The Port Authority, for whom he was the Chief Medical Officer. I had recently finished a few years in the Navy and was looking for a job.

I was hired as Building Attendant and via taking and passing the Clerk 1, 2, and 3 tests and serving all in Engineering Design-first under Chief Draftsman Bill Sands in Room 1527 and later under Bill Starr in Room 1137, my work responsibilities increasing as did my title and salary.

By January 1950 I had to resign my Clerk 3 job and move to set up residence in Miami, Florida to undertake some important personal business best handled by attorneys in that state.

Richard Fuller DeForest (Ret.), Architectural Draftsman, my best Buddy, decided to quit and move with me...guess it sounded exciting!

We moved and got an apartment in mid-summer my legal work was done and we packed our cars and started driving west. We enjoyed sightseeing but also picked up odd jobs along the way, sleeping in our cars or cheap motels-eventually winding up in Yellowstone National Park at the Old Faithful Geyser area. Some of their summer workers we’re leaving early (mid-August) and we got work as Cabin Boys-- cleaning the overnight guest cabins’ pot belly stoves (only source of heat) and replenishing the firewood as necessary.

When the season closed we helped get the park ready for the Winter Tender.
Left Yellowstone and headed for our scheduled winter job at a Ski Resort in Utah. We did everything from Bus Boys and Housekeeping Maids to ski repairs and picking guests up at Salt Lake City about 25 miles away. By mid-December we quit the jobs and headed home.

In January I was hired again as Temp Clerk 1 at -- Guess Where ??? -- Engineering Design, Room 1137, doing the jobs that as Clerk 3 in previous years I would assign Clerk 1’s and 2’s. Eventually took and passed the Clerk 2, 3, & 4 tests, being promoted in Engineering Design as responsibilities increased. My Clerk IV job was re-evaluated and it and I were promoted to the Entry Level of Management! Great, but now it meant that when I work overtime it’s “on the house” and I don’t accumulate Comp Time!

In January of 1969 I had to resign to move to Whiting, New Jersey, to take the position of Operations Manager at America’s Keswick Bible Conference and Alcoholic and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Whiting, New Jersey. This was a full-family move and we served the Lord for 20 years and then retired.

Now, widowed, and at 96, living at a full care retirement center in New Jersey-waiting for my next move-to spend eternity with My Lord Jesus Christ!



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