Ronnie Taste



Like many other fellow employees, I met my lifelong partner at the Twin Towers. Lori and I have been married for 33 years now -- so just that alone was worth my time at “Mother PONYA.”

In addition, I recall feeling being part of a second generation (if you will) whenever I spoke with older employees still there in the 80’s. As a North “Joisy” Boy, the infrastructure of NY/NJ had always been my passion, so I loved hearing stories about the first generation of employees.

Although I myself purposely stayed on the “individual contributor” track, kudos to the supervisors who provided a very positive corporate culture. I would like to acknowledge the following folks who enabled me to have a really rewarding career:

Phil Leahy, Joe Leiper, Dave Phraner, Rich Roberts (“MER’s” P&D);
Mark Muriello, Joann Papageorgis (TB&T);
Dianne Ehler, Richard Milhaven, Jon Weston (Aviation);
... and of course - the late Ernesto Butcher.



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