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Happy 100th Anniversary Mother PONYA!

Many of us remember that affectionate nickname for the agency before it was renamed in 1972 to reflect the regional partnership of the two states. In a pre-pandemic world, Iím sure celebrations would be taking place throughout the region to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime anniversary. Bells! Whistles! Fireworks!

I arrived at the P.A. in 1969 after bouncing around in various lower Manhattan law firms. Young and restless, I did not hesitate to change jobs if I grew bored and/or was looking for new challenges; I didnít think I would be with the agency beyond five years. Thirty-two years later, I realized that the reason I remained as long as I did is because of the Port Authorityís unique status as a result of the pact that was signed in 1921. This unique agency not only operates and carries out its mission in two states, but it does so across multiple industries -- each with its own set of standards, practices and disciplines. Bored I was not. And the new challenges did come -- all under the umbrella of one, unique organization. As I carved out a career in communications, public relations and events planning, the new challenges allowed me to grow professionally.

Sometimes the new challenges sent me to a new department that carried out its functions in an industry different from the industry of the department I had just left. These were great opportunities to learn new things and new ways of thinking about some things. For example, my problem-solving and project management skills were enhanced when I worked with engineers on various projects. I got to know the public relations and event-planning industries when I was in the Special Services Division (General Services Department). There, and in other departments -- Port, World Trade, Priority Capital Programs -- much of my work involved working with executive staff who communicated and collaborated with multiple stakeholders in multiple industries that sometimes had different business goals and objectives. I learned the art of debating an issue from all sides from those experiences.

In doing research for writing projects, I also learned what was forecast for the future: rapid societal, cultural and technological change, including the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, and how we would one day become a cashless society. These are the times weíre living in today. Remembering the past, however, I say thank you Port Authority for providing me with a well-rounded career and a wide range of professional experiences. Happy Anniversary!



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