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My name is Santo Piro. I was an Electrician with the PA for 37 years. I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy (1952-1956 Korean War) as an Electrician Mate 3'" class. My brother Peter Piro was an Electrician for the Port Authority. He retired as an Electrical Supervisor from LGA.

My career started July 9, 1956 at 118" Ave working 4-12pm. When I became permanent, I was transferred to the Bus Terminal. I worked around the clock. There were times we roped off the area because the "Mad Bomber” was around. I stayed about two years while I went to school at night. I transferred to JFK as a laborer working with MMII. When the snow came everyone's hours changed. I was a wing man.

I became an Electrician's helper CMS and then an Electrician. I stayed approximately 18 years. I worked at different facilities: 36th St. Heliport installing new lights, the Holland Tunnel, and Lincoln Tunnel Vent Building NY & NJ working days and nights installing new switch gear. I worked the police train. I worked on the GW Bridge necklace lighting, the toll booths on a computer tag and rewiring the firehouse. The Hoboken pier installing overhead lights. After the strike I was transferred to JFK. I worked around the clock for five years. I was working nights during the Lufthansa Heist. I worked days maintaining all the taxiway and runway lights and circuits. Switch house to tower control. In February 1993, I towed the generators to the World Trade Center after the bombing.

I received an invitation to the World Trade Tower 1 in July 4, 1986 to view the tall ships for Liberty Weekend from the 55" Floor. My family really enjoyed that.

I retired on April 10, 1993. On September 11" I was sad to see the WTC go down. Friends I knew were lost.

My career with the Port Authority was very educational and exceptionally rewarding. I received many letters of congratulations. I found that all the supervisors, managers, stock keepers and clerks were outstanding.
Let's hope this virus will go away so we can enjoy time with our families.



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