Donna Maxwell



Hi - my name is Donna Maxwell and I worked at the GWB as a Senior Toll Collector.

It was my honor to see a childhood wish of retiring with a pension came to pass through The Port Authority, and I will always remember PA fondly.
I was a Senior Toll Collector at the GWB and saw lots of interesting happenings while at work. Here is one of them.

My supervisor and I were working in the afternoon (4X12 shift). We saw this truck pulling a trailer over in front of the toll house. We watched and waited for the driver to get out and come to the toll house. While waiting the trailer began to move back & forth, side to side. We couldn't imagine what in the world was going on. Finally, the driver came in and asked if we could fill a bucket he had with water. We said, of course, but what did he need water for? He told us to watch. He went back to his trailer and opened a side door which was facing the toll house. Out came an elephant head with his trunk. It was a small elephant. I guess the elephant was simply thirsty. I went out to get a closer look and was able to pet the elephant's trunk. He was very cute and tame. The driver said he was taking him to the circus at Madison Square Garden.

I also saw famous people crossing the bridge. One night in particular as I was working the lower level, and it was a slow Sunday night and I was doing relief in Lane 76 (I believe). It was one of the two lanes closest to the toll house. It was around 8:30 pm and this long limo was entering my lane. When it got to my booth, I peeked in to catch a glimpse of who it might be. I saw this profile of a man sitting in the passenger seat and I couldn't miss who it was. I said, “Is that you President Nixon?” He told me it was him. He chatted with me for a few minutes before they drove off. It was very exciting.



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