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One of the fondest memories I have of working for the Port Authority (PA) is bringing my daughter to work with me. She always had fun and loved being in my office. She loved my coworkers and playing with their children. They loved her. During my career, I worked in the Office of International Business - World Trade Institute, Comptrollers Department and Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals. I appreciated that the PA was family-oriented. That’s what made it a unique place to work for. There were so many activities and events for family participation.

Whether it was at a PA facility or off site, you were guaranteed to be entertained.
The World Trade Center building was a beautiful site to see. I brought my daughter to work with me since she was a baby. She’ll be 29 years old in June. In my daughter’s eyes, it was the world’s largest playground. The wide lobby, high ceilings, stores, windows, and concourse were mesmerizing. She was afraid to ride the large elevators that went from the first floor to the 44th floor, (Sky Lobby) but at the same time, she loved the elevators because they traveled so fast it made her giggle. She loved attending concerts outside on the Plaza. She participated in PA events such as the PA Annual Employees Art Show (she won honorable mention in the 25th Show for children age 5-8). enjoyed helping me volunteer at the PA Customer Appreciation Day, September 14, 2000, held at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station.

Every year she came to my office for Take Your She Daughter To Work Day. In 2001, we took all of the girls to Windows on The World on the 107th floor. She still has the magnets of every PA facility on her refrigerator door. Another great time had was at Family Day, at the Lincoln Tunnel. There was food and lots of activities. There were Christmas parties on the concourse level with face painting, gifts, balloons, Santa Claus, candy, music, etc.

I dressed up one year as an Easter bunny when she was 4 years old. My daughter was terrified of this enormous bunny. She didn’t know it was me in the costume. A coworker picked her up and convinced her to come closer to me. She recognized my voice and started to cry, saying “the bunny ate my mommy!” The coworkers met me in the bathroom so I could remove the head of the costume and show her that I was OK. We went back out to the floor where I could entertain the other children and have them take pictures with me, but she wouldn’t let anyone sit on my lap without her. I think she’s in all of the pictures with the other kids.

I’m proud of my daughter. The irony is that my daughter now works in 3 WTC and is employed by one of the world’s largest media advertising agencies as a Manager for Digital Investments.




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