Karen Mandart



I worked for the Port Authority for 36.5 years at various facilities including the PABT, the Holland Tunnel, JSTC (field office), JFKIA & my last years at LGA.

There were opportunities to move up regularly, which I tried to do when needed and open, but the lasting & most memorable in my lifetime with Mother PONYA was Job Sharing. It was a new concept and people were willing to work with us -- to take a chance that it could work smoothly with no interruption in procedure, communication, and job performance. It saved my sanity since I hated the thought of leaving my child, but knowing I had to work as we all do. It was the best of both worlds - I didn't feel as guilty leaving him -- now for a shorter amount of days, and yet I still felt grateful that I got to spend more time with him in his "formative years! Thank you Mother PONYA!

Karen Mandart
6 feet apart today is better than
6 feet under tomorrow!
Stay healthy and smart!




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