Kurt Andreas



(Written by his widow, Deborah Andreas, he passed away January 9, 2021 of pneumonia).

Kurt was a PA Police Officer. He was employed from 1972 to 1996. Kurt loved his job. He loved his co-workers. He was a people person. Kurt had many daily experiences.

Once, he was working at an airport and a family was traveling to South America. One family member was in a wheelchair, with sunglasses and lots of blankets. Kurt inquired if everything was OK. They replied that they were taking their ill father home. Kurt spoke to the man in the wheelchair. No response – he realized that the person was deceased. The family explained that they couldn’t afford to ship him in a casket.

Kurt loved his job and was so sad when he retired. He had many great experiences. He loved helping people. Whenever he was praised or acknowledged, his reply was, “I’m only doing my job.”



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