Jim Anselmi



I was fortunate to be accepted into the Automotive Apprentice Program immediately after my high school graduation in July 1965. It was a great opportunity for an 18-year-old who was not sure what he wanted. Unfortunately, Viet Nam was escalating, I was classified 1A and therefore was not able to complete the entire program before receiving my draft notice. It turned out to be the last class and end of a very beneficial program. When I returned from the Air Force, I was able to work as a mechanicís helper and with the tutoring of some excellent senior mechanics pass the automotive mechanics exam.

While working nights as an auto mechanic at the Holland Tunnel, I attended college at New Jersey Institute of Technology (formally Newark College of Engineering) under the GI Bill. Just before receiving my degree, I was promoted to Automotive Engineer. Several years later I was promoted to Engineering Supervisor and eventually to Manager of the Automotive Division.

I have many great memories of numerous events and fellow workers. Also, a couple of events that were not so great, such as the 1993 bombing attack and the mandated RIF programs. In 1996 I took early retirement, joined another company and relocated to North Carolina. However, my heart and thoughts always remained and still remain with the Port Authority and my fellow employees. This was especially true on September 11, 2001, not knowing who made it out.

I truly enjoyed my many years and great career at the Port. I was extremely blessed to have worked with dedicated technicians, tradespeople, professionals, supervisors, and directors. Many thanks to all. My special gratitude to those that mentored, tutored, supported and guided me, especially, Ray Busico, Jim Maresca, Bob Walsh, Al Robertson, Pat Mourges, Ken Philmus, Lou Lacapra, Jack Gannon, Tom Lubas, Bob Williams, and Gene Gill. Thanks for the opportunity.



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