Cynthia Hadley-Bailey



I retired as a Port Authority Police Detective after completing 27 years of service. An incident I will never forget as a Port Authority Police Officer:

I was in full uniform on Mulberry street in Chinatown, going to get a bite to eat before a meeting with a court attorney at the Criminal Court Building. All of a sudden, a guy runs past me being chased by several people. A woman ran up to me and said the guy being chased had snatched her chain. When I caught up with the crowd, several men cornered this individual in a foyer of a building. I ordered the people to step aside and to get off of him. Once he saw me, he said, “Help me officer, please. They’re going to kill me.” He was getting some street justice before I arrested him.

As uniformed police officer, I was assigned for the day at the Passenger Ship Terminal (PST). The Queen Elizabeth 2 was docked and extra officers were assigned there due to a report of possible protesters showing up. Sergeant Walter Kreiss and I were chatting and walking past one of the berths, when a young man walked by us with a frown on his face. He then turned around, gave us his MIDDLE Finger, pulled down his pants and MOONED us. We ran after him and placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct. The next day I received several calls from friends telling me there was a picture of the Sergeant and I in the New York Daily News arresting this guy with his pants falling down. I still have that picture. I want to give a shout out to Sergeant Kriess who passed away in 2020. He was a great boss and wonderful person.



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