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My 40-Year Short Story: I began my career in Jan. 1971, with the Port in the maintenance engineering department. This department did design engineering on many Port facilities. Working on rehabilitation projects and new design systems throughout the Port facilities. My first assignment was the replacement of the Holland tunnel lighting system, providing better lighting distribution to the entire tunnel. Projects were designed by engineers first visiting the facility to research the issues and speak to facility managers and field staff!

I spent 15 years in this department becoming familiar with many different facilities, which was a plus for future projects at the Port. I became familiar with electrical distribution systems at the airports and both tunnels!

I then put in for a position in the inspection department for Trade Center tenant alterations. These alterations required inspections by Port engineers and approval to move into the new tenant spaces. These types of inspections were called “TAA” tenant alteration applications.

I was then sent to work at a new facility just starting, THE TELEPORT IN STATEN ISLAND NY. It was a new wave in engineering technology! Satellite communications development and engineering. I spent five years at this facility completing a number of state-of-the-art communications tenant buildings.

Facilities like the Merrill Lynch communications, Telerhouse, A Japanese firm, Telecenter building Port headquarters for all engineering and field inspections and construction. The Teleport was the first facility which had put in place the 33kv electrical distribution system with construction of new substation and distribution to each of the new communication buildings mentioned above. New transformers were placed and installed at each of these new buildings, providing great electrical power services!

I then returned to the Trade Center, with a new promotion and position in the new economic development department. This department would now oversee all existing tenant and new building at many Port facilities. Facilities like BATHGATE in Bronx NY, with tenant buildings as Clay Park pharmaceutical company, and a new day care building for the Bronx community children. This was a joint project with the NYC Building Department and I was successful in obtaining the first “CERTIFICATE OF Occupancy” from that department for the day care building! Other facilities like “resource recovery” a garbage burning facility in New Jersey, the existing Yonkers industrial park in Yonkers NY where they build the rail cars for the NY transit system installing several large transformers to replace very old units.

The Port Authority has completed many new and improved engineering systems throughout all of our and existing tenant buildings throughout NY and NJ. Great accomplishments to enhance the Port Authority region! I was very proud of these engineering accomplishments completed by Port Authority staff!

Let me thank all the great and talented Port Authority staff that I was grateful to be part of for all my years of service. God bless all those PA staff, many who were my close friends and coworkers! May they Rest In Peace!

Just a note to all that may not know this: the Economic Development Department was located on the 86th floor of One World Trade Center. Prior to 9/11-- two weeks prior to that horrible date -- We were relocated to the Newark Legal Center building! All our staff were spared the horror of 9/11!

I thank God for that blessing every day and also pray for my departed friends and coworkers!

This concludes my short story Of my time, 40 years of great experiences!
Thank you,




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