Matthew DeSanto



My name is Matthew DeSanto and I am a retired PA employee.

In 2001, I was a Lincoln Tunnel Tour Manager. In the days and weeks following September 11, many people stopped by to give support and supplies to us.

Because they were unable to get to Ground Zero, they stopped at the first Port Authority facility they found to give us gloves, rain gear, tools, snacks, bottled water and anything else that they thought that we needed.

A Pepsi Cola tractor trailer came from North Carolina loaded with two-liter bottles of drinking water. Unfortunately, the bottles were unlabeled and due to the paranoia at the time, I felt bad but had to tell the driver that people would not drink anything that was unlabeled.

In any event Poland Spring Water gave us hundreds of cases of bottled water a few days later. It really felt good to know how many people came to help during the Port Authority's darkest hours.



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