Charlotte R. Cason



My name is Charlotte R. Cason and I have previously worked for The Port Authority of NY & NJ for 23 years. I have been retired for some time now, but I began my employment in April. 1964.

From the time I began my employment to the time I retired, I am happy to say that as an employee, it was an enjoyable 23 years. I speak for myself, as I am sure that others will agree, I was professionally treated by everyone-- by all staff members from administrative staff, supervisors, and all the way up to the corporate staff. The care they showed, not only to the employees but to all patrons utilizing the George Washington Bridge which was where I was located (as well as, I'm certain, other locations) was very obvious.

There were fresh flowers outside the booths, a huge American Flag was draped on the center of the bridge, just to name a few examples of dedication and patriotism. I thoroughly enjoyed my supervisors and, in fact, I still remain in contact with some of them. While working in a service job, one can expect difficulty from them at times, but I am proud to say that my experience with The Port of Authority of NY & NJ has been a very pleasant one and I continue to be proud to say that I was an employee for 23 years.



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