Volume 11, Issue 1

July 8, 2020


Dear Retiree,


During these times of COVID-19, the PA leadership has been sending daily PA Broadcasts to staff. This Broadcast, issued on June 24, describes the PA's Community Aid Campaign. Please read it to understand the scope of the PA's initiative.


Prior to this PA Broadcast, PA staff contacted Dave Gallagher, PARA's President, to ask if the retiree community would be willing to participate in some way to support this campaign. Dave shared this request with the PARA Board, and it voted to authorize a contribution to two of the organizations, one each in NY and NJ, included on the PA's Community Aid Campaign list. Our Board also agreed to share the information about the PA's campaign with our PARA members -- and in turn with as many retirees as we can reach through the pass-along of this eBulletin. So please send it to your PA and PATH retiree friends.


If you are in a position to donate any amount to one of these organizations (see the PA Broadcast) please do so directly. There is no time constraint. If you can and choose to make a donation, we ask that you identify yourself you as a PA retiree, so the recipient knows we are all connected. Thank you for whatever you can do to participate.


If you are not already a member of PARA, or aren't sure whether you are current with your annual dues, please visit this page on PARA's Website. Please help us get the word out and pass this eBulletin along to other PA and PATH retirees. We appreciate your support through your membership very much.


Very sincerely,



Your PARA Board


What is PARA?


The Port Authority Retirees Association (PARA), a not-for-profit corporation, was formed in 1989 to promote the welfare of retirees of the Port Authority (and PATH). That is accomplished by PARA acting as a spokesperson for Port Authority retirees. We foster and encourage legislation that maintains or improves our circumstances primarily as it affects the pensions of the New York State Retirement System. PARA now has some 4,000 members residing in 39 states and 12 countries. PARA maintains an active affiliation with the Alliance of Public Retiree Organizations (APRO) representing more than 350,000 members throughout New York State.


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The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc. does not provide, and this notice does not constitute, legal or other professional advice. We recommend you contact your own professional advisor for such matters as neither The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc., nor anyone associated with this notice, assumes responsibility for your relying on the information provided, even though we have attempted to ensure that it reflects our understanding of what is presented.