In Memoriam



Henry P. McAleer, Port Authority Senior Engineer

December 4, 2006

In Memoriam

Our heartfelt sympathies to Larry McAleer and his family for the loss of Henry P. McAleer, Larry's father, who passed away Monday morning, December 4th, at the age of 87.  Henry (Hank) McAleer retired from the Port Authority as a Senior Engineer in 1980 following a 28-year career in Engineering.  He worked on projects at all of the Port Authority facilities, including the Lincoln Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, World Trade Center, LGA, JFK and EWR. 

An important task that he performed was identifying the exact location of aircraft wreckage when a crash occurred at an airport.  This included taking a ferry to Rikers Island in 1957 to investigate an LGA departure that crashed during a snow storm; the crash into Jamaica Bay by an American Airlines B707 in 1962; and the crash of an Eastern B727 at JFK during a thunderstorm in 1975. 

Hank's son, our comrade Larry, has been with the Port Authority in the Aviation Department for 32 years himself.  Larry, a standout PA employee, is an Assistant Chief Operations Supervisor at LGA.o, as a staff FS8, has served as the backbone of LaGuardia's landside operati

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