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10-01-15 - The 360-degree viewing platform and eatery located near the top of the newly-rebuilt One World Trade Center, is open to the general public. Tickets are $32 for adults, though seniors pay $30 and children aged 6 to 15 pay $26. Kids 5 and under are free.  Click here to see the full cost of a trip:

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PARA agreement on hearing aids and hearing related services
October 2018

As we age, some of us suffer various degrees of hearing loss. As many of you already know, hearing aids can be very expensive. Recently, we heard about a company that
can help reduce the cost somewhat (up to 70% in some cases).

The company is Hear in America (HIA), which has a nationwide network of providers who perform hearing tests and can fit you for hearing aids. We heard about this company from one of our members, who is also a member of RPEA (Retired Public Employees Association).

We contacted HIA to see if we could enter into an agreement with them to provide this service to our members and their  family members. They were eager to do so, and we are  happy to announce the agreement between HIA and PARA effective October 2018.   The service is available immediately to all those who want to take advantage.

All you (or your family member) have to do is call HIA at 1-800-286-6149, tell them you are a member  of PARA and they will connect you with a local provider.

Our agreement provides for free hearing exams, discounts on devices, warranties on equipment, free repair and batteries for a period after purchase and other benefits. HIA will provide the details. Of course, all transactions are solely between HIA’s local providers and its customers and PARA has no liability in connection with this new benefit.

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